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PDF Manuals

When I first bought a piece of equipment and only a manual on CD was supplied, I longed for the printed version. As with other things times have changed, perhaps for most people for the better.

Now if the pdf version of a manual is not supplied, I go to the manufacturer's web site to see if one is available. Usually there is.

How PDF manuals can be better than printed versions.

* All the PDF manuals for your equipment can be recorded on one CD/DVD or so.

* Copy the PDF manual from the manufacturer's CD to your own.

* All the manuals for all your equipment, computer, entertainment, tools, etc. are easily available from your recorded CD/DVD.

*No searching through file cabinets, piles of paper or whatever - all your manuals are in one place.

* If you have a laptop computer, you can have your manual right beside the product you are working on.

* You can go right to the section of the manual you want by using menus and links that are usually built in to the PDF version.

* Extra resources are available by clicking on the links supplied in many PDF manuals, including updates.

* If you need to help a friend with their problem, just download the manual and take it with you. If you don't have it already on your CD, drop it on a usb jump drive to take with you.

* If you are going on a trip, take the manual with you for your computer, GPS, cell phone or whatever electronic devices you carry with you.

* Many printed manuals these days are written in mini-print that you can barely read. Using PDF you can enlarge the print with your reader to whatever size you are comfortable with.

* PDF manuals are easier to read. If you need the steps for programming a remote control or need to see the terminal connections for your cable box, you don't have to try and hold a tightly bound mini-book open and manipulate the controls at the same time.


There are many more reasons. I am sure if you give it a try you will soon agree PDF manuals are more valuable than it first appears. Not only that, if need be, you can always print out a page or two, or a diagram if that is your need. Don't print out the whole thing though, that defeats the purpose.

It takes a little practise, and sometimes a change in attitude to adapt to new ways of doing things. In this case it is worth it.

Note: Foxit Reader or Foxit Reader Portable recommended for fast efficient opening of PDF files.

A Google search will help you find PDF manuals you want for practically anything you own, often for free.

If you have a paper manual for your equipment, why not scan it to PDF format and save it on your CD/DVD so you can find it when you need it.

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