Can't Download From Microsoft

Can't Download From microsoft.com


Can't Download From microsoft.com

Can't Download Microsoft Updates.

Can't Update Microsoft Essentials.

If you can't download from various Microsoft sites,, this might be the answer to your problem. Make Sure The DNS Numbers Are Correct.

I ran across just this problem while traveling to and staying at my southern winter residence. Searching the internet there were various answers, but none of them worked.

I could download just about everything else from any other site, but never from any Microsoft site. Similarly, any Microsoft updates would refuse to download, they would connect, but just sit until an error message displayed some time later. Some web sites did load slow, but all other functions were normal.

After weeks of frustration it turned out to be simple.

Make Sure The DNS Numbers Are Correct in the router settings.

Two Important Points

1) Using the automatic setup for the Linksys router, it always selected the incorrect DNS numbers.

2) I had to go directly to the providers (ISP's) support web site and find the correct DNS numbers and enter them into the router settings manually.

Problem Solved.

Linksys Router Shown, other brands may be similar.



Numbers have been shaded out here, but these are required to be 100% correct in order to download from Microsoft.

Remember to 'Save settings' once you have finished entering the numbers obtained from your ISP's support site.


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