DLL File In Use


DLL File In Use

Program Install Tip - sometimes when you try to upgrade a program an error messaged appears saying the program or a dll file is in use. You check and the program is not running as far as you can tell, and it doesn't show up in task manager. Rebooting does not help.

Try this. Change the name of the folder of the program you are trying to install by putting your initials in front of it. Reboot. Now do the upgrade, directing it to the newly named folder. You should receive a message the upgrade is complete.

Now change the name of the program folder backt to what it was before by removing your initials. Reboot the computer. Now the upgrade should be complete.

Crude, but it sometimes works and is worth a try. Naturally it does not work in all situations. It usually does when it is a loaded dll that is causing the problem.


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